Magnetic Card Reader

The advancement in technology has allowed more and more usage of magnetic cards as they are easier and more convenient to be used. Magnetic card readers are often used in office buildings, petrol stations and shopping malls when people swipe their cards for a purchase or to earn reward points.

Diginex Technology supplies magnetic card readers to companies that need it. The TMSR magnetic card reader is our most popular card reader because of its impressive reading performance despite its small size. With only 9.65cm in length and 3.22 cm in height, the TMSR series is almost the smallest reader in the industry, yet it is able to read more than 300,000 passes or even 1,000,000 upon request of a different version. The equipment that are compatible with the TMSR card reader are RS232-serials, keyboard wedges or USB interface. This card reader is very easy to use, therefore staff can work efficiently and customers can also swipe their cards easily with no trouble whenever needed. Additionally, the TMSR Series can also withstand low and high temperatures from -20ºC to 60ºC, which enables it to function indoors and outdoors.

The TMSR series card reader is guaranteed to provide you with the best performance for all your card-reading needs.