HID Proximity Card – Business Solutions for Access Control

HID proximity cards are an essential use for any businesses to manage and control their employees’ access to certain premises. It enhances the security needs for the welfare of all parties in the facility. Proximity cards use RFID technology to deny access authority, making security rigid and straightforward. 

HID proximity cards are available in various sizes and styles, allowing businesses to choose the perfect card for their specific needs. They can be programmed to work with different access control systems, including standalone readers or networked access control systems. This versatility makes them an excellent solution for businesses of all sizes.

These cards also offer a high level of security, as they are difficult to duplicate or counterfeit. Each card is encoded with a unique code, ensuring that only authorized personnel can gain access to secure areas. Additionally, HID proximity cards can be quickly deactivated or reprogrammed, which is crucial in case of a lost or stolen card. If you seek NFC card readers instead, you may find our Mifare card readers useful. Along with that you can also get our PVC card holders to keep all your cards safe from losing it.