Mifare Card Reader

Mifare cards are contactless integrated circuit (IC) cards which are now widely used in a lot of countries including Malaysia. Mifare cards are used as public transport cards, season parking passes, gated housing access cards, employee access cards and so much more.

Diginex Technology supplies Mifare card readers for small and big corporations, and the DG608 has become our client’s favourite card reader due to its high quality performance. Our Mifare card reader/writer comes with a USB interface, and has a reading distance of up to 75mm. The Mifare card reader can read a series of Mifare cards such as 1K, 4K, Ultralight, Desfire and many more card types including the Samsung K8 and V8. It merely weighs 120g, which is really light; and its tiny size allows it to use up less space whether you mount it on a wall or leave it on the table.

Mifare card reader is easy to use, thus employees can learn how to operate this device in a short time, allowing work to begin faster and hence becoming more efficient. Get our Mifare card reader now on our online store! Pair your card reader with our durable and affordable plastic card holder. If you are looking for other options check out our HID Proximity card reader instead.