Zebra Barcode Printer

Diginex Technology supplies barcode printers in Malaysia, and we carry brands like Datamax, TSC and Zebra barcode printers at our company. We widely distribute Zebra barcode printers to our clients all around Malaysia.

Each of the Zebra barcode printer models has its own functions and specifications that are different from one another. The Zebra ZD420 label printer is an exceptional model that differentiates itself from other printers in its category with its superb performance and user-friendliness. It has a compact and lightweight form factor that allows it to fit seamlessly into any workspace. What sets the ZD420 apart from other printers is its uncomplicated ribbon loading process and its easy-to-navigate user interface, which significantly cuts down on training time and prevents unnecessary downtime. With its exceptional print quality and dependable performance, the Zebra ZD420 is an outstanding selection for businesses looking for a budget-friendly and efficient barcode printing solution.

The Zebra G-Series on the other hand is a thermal desktop printer that is small, yet durable and flexible, which is suitable for low to mid-volume printing. The G-Series printers also offer easy ribbon-loading systems, saving time and the trouble caused for changing ribbons. The G-Series delivers high-speed printing up to 6 inches per second, which showcases its capability as the fastest desktop printer in the market.

On the contrary, the Zebra Xi4 is known for its durability and consistency in print quality, despite its heavy weight and rugged outlook. Furthermore, the configuration of this Zebra Xi4 is only a click away, complete with wireless connectivity options that suit the current business needs. This device is guaranteed to bring you a high return on investment because it is long-lasting and requires the least maintenance, which is sure to benefit you for the long term. Diginex Technology is ever ready to provide you with high quality barcode printers for the success of your business.