TSC Barcode Printer

Diginex Technology supplies barcode printers in Malaysia besides providing other AIDC systems for your needs. We are one of the major barcode printer suppliers in Malaysia, therefore we have a vast range of barcode printers for you to choose from. One of our best-selling products is the TSC barcode printer which received a lot of popularity among our clients in Malaysia.

The TSC barcode printers that we supply come in small and big sizes, thus clients can choose which barcode printer to buy based on the requirements and specifications that they need. The smallest TSC barcode printers that Diginex offers are the Alpha-4L and the Alpha-3R which can be easily carried around for certain services like mobile ticketing, onboard transportation ticketing, direct store deliveries and more. The TDP-225W is a light desktop direct thermal wristband printer which has a slim design, thus taking up very little space on tabletops and desktops. One of our big and heavy barcode printers from TSC is the TTP-286MT Series, which is appropriate for compliance labelling, inventory control labelling and the like. This model of barcode printer has a speed of up to 6 inches per second, making sure that there is high efficiency during work.