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Leather ID Card Holder – Vertical


* Material : PU or Leather
* Credit Card Size and ID Card Size
* Vertical
* Color : Black, Brown


Leather Card Holder

Do you have a few smart cards that need to be kept separately in their own card holders, yet you fancy those with nice designs? Our leather card holders are not only stylish, as they keep your cards clean and free from damages that may be caused by friction when they come in contact with rough surfaces.

Diginex Technology is here to cater to your needs if you are looking for leather card holders. The leather card holders that we provide are made out of either polyurethane (PU) or leather, depending on our clients’ preference. These leather card holders come in a credit card size or an ID card size. Our card holders are made vertically, therefore the hole for your lanyard clips are at the top of the vertical card holder. Clients can choose between the black and brown card holder, as we currently offer these 2 dark colours that are elegant and classy. One side of the card holder is transparent, which allows you to pick the right card for the right use even when it’s among other cards or objects in your bag.