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Unitech MS650 1D CCD Ring



* Light Source : Red Laser beam with enhanced white LED
* Sensor : Linear Image Sensor
* Scan Rate : 400 Scans/Sec
* Resolution : 4mil/ 0.1mm

* Lightweight (only 20.5g) and unique wearable ring design – Comfortable Hands-free operation.
* Flexible design: Dual touch-2-activate trigger button (for left- and right-handed operation)
* Hands-free scanning with cordless freedom of movement
* Easily to pair to smartphone and tablets (Windows, iOS and Android devices) via Bluetooth® 4.1 / Class 2
* Aggressive scan engine – Reads off 1D barcodes from screens
* Rugged and durable design (IP42 and 1.5m drops)
* Full shift battery life – Up to 8 hours